Vespa, born in 1946 as a utilitarian solution to everyday mobility, today is not just the alternative to the car for moving around in traffic or the faithful companion on travel and adventures, but the expression of one unique and unmistakable style. Vespa's secret is to travel in time through society, changing with it but always keeping its identity intact.

Vespa is still perceived as one, capable of exciting those who drive it or simply admire it. The roundness of its sides and the balance of the lines express the beauty of the perfect synthesis between simplicity and function. Utility and style also characterize the new Vespa objects. There reinterpretation of some details in a modern key it combines well with the dynamism of the Vespa, in space and time. The objects made can be perceived not as a simple headlight, knob or odometer but as "pieces" of a wasp and as such, capable of moving.