Who we are

Forme srl

There is a red thread, subtle but always present, in the path that Forme has made in its more than thirty years of activity. From the first posters of 1989 - the rediscovery of a warm history of affection - to perpetual calendars - with their playing with time and memory - to watches, a real immersion in colors: the search for products and images has always kept that heritage in mind of Italian creativity that with careful eyes also reveals itself in everyday objects.

And the journey continues now with the great Italian brands, which have made our way of life appreciated all over the world, in whose history, with unaltered passion, we seek that image, that detail that immediately brings them back to us alive for our present. .

Forme srl is the official licensee of important Italian brands, which include all the charm, the history and the magic of Italy.

We create our products to give their owners recognizable famous images all over the world.

That's Italy is our project that takes you directly into our universe, where you can have fun browsing through the various product categories (Barilla, Vespa, That's Italia, Lambretta, Fiat 500), choosing the item and brand you like best .